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2016 Goals & Inspiration

I have always loved New Year’s Eve (so romantic) and the approach of a fresh new year. I love reflecting on the past and setting resolutions for the year ahead. This year I think I need the new years resolutions and a fresh start more than ever.

Recently I was laying awake in bed just thinking about how totally miserable I feel. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I’m overweight, out of shape, exhausted, sad, angry, feeling distant from my husband, overwhelmed by financial worries and just generally unhappy. That’s a terrible place to be. 2015 did have some highlights including the birth of my second son, buying our first house, and starting this blog (read my very first post!). But overall it was, for lack of better words, a sucky year.

So I have decided to approach the New Year with the mantra – 2016 Will Be Better! In that spirit, here are some goals I have created for myself.

2016 goals

Marriage Goals

  • Make my relationship with my husband a top priority
    I don’t want to get too personal with this one, so I’ll leave out the details!
  • Wear my wedding rings again!
    This is related to my weight loss goal. I took my wedding rings (which I love!) off towards the end of my second pregnancy. I was not exercising much or eating well, especially after my dad entered hospice care and my weight skyrocketed. They never went back on after my baby was born and currently won’t fit due to my weight. 🙁
  • Go on regular date nights (for us they might be “day dates”)
    We have been terrible at this since our sons were born. Terrible! At least one date per month, so 12 total in 2016.
  • Do something special for our 5th wedding anniversary in September
    Not just lunch or dinner. Not just a movie. Come up with something better!

Parenting & Family Goals

  • Fully potty train my toddler
  • Get rid of the pacifier!
    This is the toddler as well.
  • Reduce my family’s screen time
    I’ll just say …it’s too much. Way too much.
  • Create a family bucket list of adventures and experiences we want to have together.
    I’m trying to stay very conscious of the fact that our children will be little for a very small time. We’ll blink and they will be adults. I get caught up in the mundane day to day parenting routines sometimes, and I don’t want to regret not being fully present and creating memories as a family.
  • If we can afford it, get professional family pictures taken
  • Have a one-on-one date with both of my step-kids during their visit this summer
    (And make sure my husband does as well)

Financial Goals

  • Save up a $1,000 Baby Emergency Fund
  • Save up $100, and then attend Financial Peace University
  • Pay off all of our debt (except the mortgage) using the debt snowball method
  • Increase my personal income, averaging $1,000 – $1,200 per month

Read more details about my financial goals here – How I’m Getting Financially Fit in 2016

My husband has his own version of these goals, which you can read about here: Why My Financial Plan is Going to Fail (and yours might too).

Health & Wellness Goals

  • Lose 30 pounds (@ writing I weigh approximately 167 lbs)
  • Have my eyes checked and get new glasses
    I’m long overdue for a check-up and my glasses are falling apart! I’ve had my glasses longer than I’ve had my husband 😉
  • Work on improving my sleep
    Both quality and quantity. I’ve been a bad sleeper for years, but pregnancy, motherhood, and the stresses of life have made things much worse. One of the books on my 2016 reading list will help with this.
  • Go to the dentist
    Again, long overdue!
  • Quit Soda
    I gave up soda for the first time back in December of 2008 for health reasons (it was also a waste of money!) and kept it out of my life for several years. The habit crept back into my life recently (gingerale was my weakness this time around, before it was Coca-cola). Soda is a slippery slope for me. I can’t just enjoy one occasionally. So it’s time to say goodbye again, hopefully forever! It’s so bad for my teeth, my waistline and my wallet!
  • Quit Salt
    I need to break up with the salt shaker. I love salt and I use way too much. It hasn’t caused any health issues yet, but it could in the future!

Blogging Goals

These are going to be really boring if you don’t blog yourself, so feel free to skip! 🙂

  • Publish 100 posts in 2016
  • Set up a blog email address
  • Add a personal photo to my blog (may I lose my 30 pounds first?)
  • Start an email newsletter
  • Create my first opt-in
  • Grow my social media following (Pinterest to 1,000 followers, Twitter to 5,000 followers, Facebook to 500 fans)

Household Goals

  • Create and Keep a Regular Cleaning Schedule
    This is something I have been trying and failing at for a long time!
  • Create an effective Toy and Book rotation
    I need to get a handle on our kids toys and books!
  • Get Blackout curtains for all of our bedrooms (paid for in cash)
    Hopefully resulting in better sleep for the whole family!

Yoga Goals

  • Attend YogaCamp with Yoga with Adriene!
  • Practice regularly (3 times per week) and keep a yoga journal.
  • Try a new yoga studio (there are three in my town, but I have only been to one)
  • Master Crow Pose!
    This will means lot’s of strengthening of my arms and my core!
Yoga_How-to-Do-Crow-Pose-in-Yoga_01_300x208 photo courtesy of yogaoutlet.com

Personal Goals

  • Read more books!
    To be more specific, I actually have a list of 16 books I want to read in 2016!
  • Spend more time with friends
    I had no friend time at all in 2015, which is so sad! I need to be brave and initiate some coffee dates.
    I need to find a new friend or two by being more social (attend a new class or event, say hi to other moms at library story time, etc.)
  • Go swimming in the summer! No regrets!
    I love being in the water. But since having babies, I let my negative feelings about my body hold me back. I use breastfeeding and nap times as an excuse to avoid the pool altogether. This will be the year I say YES to the swimming pool and enjoy the water no matter what shape my body is in.

Christmas 2016 Goals

Christmas 2015 was tough, and despite it being one of my favorite times of the year I have really lost my Christmas spirit over the last couple years. I want to try to actively boost that spirit in 2016 and get back on good terms with the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Take Christmas pictures of my babies in November (I use these for our Christmas cards)
  • Hang up any Christmas cards we receive (I have a special ribbon and clothespins) and put a wreath on the front door
  • Decorate the outside of our house even if it is just one simple string of lights
  • Watch my three favorite Christmas movies (White Christmas, Love Actually, and Elf) early in December
  • Get my finger and toe nails in the holiday spirit by painting them a pretty shade of red!
  • Create a Christmas bucket list of fun things to do with my boys
  • Make someone else’s Christmas better by performing a random act of kindness in December
  • Save up cash and Swagbucks to have a debt-free Christmas! (goal: $700)

How about you? How will you make 2016 a better year?

I don’t want to look back on 2016 and say “I should have ….”

Are you with me? Please share your goals, resolutions, or dreams in the comments below. I’d love to hear them and to cheer you on in your efforts to have the best 2016!

If you need even more inspiration, please check out the New Year New Momma challenge over on my friend Momma Wants Java’s blog. Happy New Year! 🙂

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  1. You can do this girl! Yes, 2016 will be a better year for you! All of us in the It Takes A Village are here for you and we all can do this together. I have 30-40lbs to lose myself, so I’m with you on that. I love how you wrote out all of your goals, and soon you will be checking them off!
    Healing Mama recently posted…How Women Can Avoid Gym IntimidationMy Profile

  2. If you and I lived near each other we could be friends and hang out on weekends! Are you signed up with meetup.com? That’s where I met a lot of my friends through book clubs and am now looking at mom groups. I want to lose 30 lbs too so we should help each other here. I gotta say I wish I was 167! I want even that pre pregnancy Lol. *hugs* don’t forget to link this to my #gratitudegoals linky.
    Julie S recently posted…My Goals for 2016 #newyearnewmommaMy Profile

    • Thanks Julie! I wish you were closer! I haven’t checked out meetup.com in a while, I need to find a mommy group! happy new year!

  3. These were some very inspiring goals! I could easily add a few more to my (wishful thinking) 2016 goals! I love the reducing the family screen time AND your idea of cutting out the soda. My fiance and I REALLY need to do both of these and they are to be honest, overlooked and under-worked goals of our past. Great post!!!

    • I never should have started drinking soda again! Hopefully it’s easy to give up a second time! Screen time is a problem! But I’m guilty of it too so I have to change myself first. 🙂 Happy new year!

  4. What great goals! I have attended FPU and it is awesome! Good luck on all your goals. 🙂

  5. Woah— crow pose! I can’t even imagine doing that! I hope you master it!! I need to get my eyes checked too. That is an easy one to let go. Must do! Happy New Year!
    gigi recently posted…Have a Great Saturday! 1-2-15My Profile

  6. I love your transparency. And I’m with you- 2015 had some great moments but it’s been tough on my marriage, health, and general well-being. The transition to 2 kids has been very tough for me and part of my stress/struggle stems from that. Thank you for joining us at 100 Happy Days. I’m pulling for you this year!!!
    kate recently posted…The Little Things + 100 Happy Days Link Party #12My Profile

    • sorry 2015 wasn’t the best for you either Kate! I’m with you, the transition to 2 kids is tough! I’m almost a year in and I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing most days!

  7. Wow, you have so many great plans and goals for the year, I feel like I need to set some now. I like the way you have things already laid out for Christmas 2016, that’s very organised of you.

    I’ll be keen to see how you get on, there’s some great goals here. Good luck!

    Sally @ Life Loving
    Life Loving recently posted…Questions To Ask When Buying A HouseMy Profile

    • 2015 was stressful so I want 2016 to feel different! I’m glad I made my goals public on the blog so you guys can keep me accountable!

  8. Erin, I have really enjoyed this series of posts from you. I can see that you are evaluating your life and working to come up with small steps to get better, in many areas. That’s the first step, you’ve begun the journey and I wish you the best in ticking things off your list this year!

  9. Great Goals… I am a big goal setter and planner. I wish you the best in all of them. Thanks for coming to LFEO, look for your post there today 🙂

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