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Welcome to my little home on the internet. 🙂

I’m Erin. I love caffeine, books, yoga, and running. I’m addicted to my iPhone, chocolate, the sound of my kids laughing, my gym, and my morning routine (meditation anyone?) I hate … writing “about me” pages (this is hard!).

I am mom to two crazy boys – currently 4 and 2 years old. Everything in my house is sticky and it always smells like farts. I am very thankful to be home with them full time, not missing a moment of their silliness (or on the flipside – their meltdowns). I like to blog about ways I make money (in order to continue staying home with my guys), fitness, mental health, goals, books, and paying off debt.

I started Stay at Home Yogi in September 2015. I started this blog after experiencing loss (of a father and a job), weight gain and depression. I’m trying to find my bliss, and I’d love to help you find yours too.

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Enough about me!

I want to learn more about you! I hope you’ll browse around the site and leave me a comment. (Comments totally make my day!) Or let’s get to know each other on social media! Come say hi on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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