The Baby Monitors Guide for Overwhelmed Moms


If you’re currently pregnant and overwhelmed by all of the choices you are having to make – you are not alone! I have been there mama. Registering for baby stuff was surprisingly stressful! There are so many baby monitors out there on the market today. It is easy to get confused or discouraged! You might even think you don’t need a baby monitor at all! Don’t worry, I’m here to help! 🙂

so many baby monitors

The Baby Monitors Guide for Overwhelmed Moms

As a paranoid new mom, I barely slept thinking I would miss my baby’s cry! Having the baby monitor turned on, even though we were in a small apartment,  made me feel a little better. Know yourself, and think about what will give you peace of mind.

Having a video monitor would have driven me crazy, so I decided to stick with just audio. I would have stared at the video screen all night and never slept at all! However, I have many mom friends who could not live without their video baby monitors. Do what is right for you and your family!

Sometimes it’s easy to say “we don’t need it!” when it comes to the endless list of baby gear. Let’s take a deep breath together though and consider a few more scenarios.

Before You Decide You Don’t Need a Baby Monitor

Think About Potential Caregivers

If you feel confident you don’t need to rely on a baby monitor (whatever your reason), you should still consider your potential caregivers. Maybe Grandma doesn’t hear so well anymore. She will be more comfortable with a baby monitor set to it’s highest volume sitting next to her. Teenager babysitters tend to be easily distracted and having a monitor close by will keep him or her more alert.

Your Housing Situation Might Change

You might not need a baby monitor NOW, but would it be good to have one around just in case? Life can be crazy and the only constant is change. When I was pregnant with my second son, and my first born was two years old, we decided to move in with my in-laws to save money for a house. We pretty quickly went from a small apartment to being separated from our son by two flights of stairs! We already owned our baby monitors and didn’t have to worry about running out to get one during such a stressful time.

Do You Travel?

Do you visit family for the holidays and stay in their home? Do you take an annual family vacation or frequent weekend trips? A baby monitor could provide an extra layer of comfort and security while you are away from home base.

Every Baby is Different

It’s fairly common for couple’s to have a baby shower only for their first child. This is the time where they really need the most help, and acquire the most baby gear! Are you pregnant with your first baby and planning to have more children in the future? If you’re not convinced you will need a baby monitor, I’d still recommend registering for one. Every baby is so different! If you don’t use the baby monitor at all with your first child, you might be shocked to find yourself relying heavily on it with your second or third!

Do You Need to Step Outside?

My baby monitor came in handy when we had a big yard sale. The yard sale went all day and I had a baby and a toddler on separate sleep schedules. I luckily had this handy Graco baby monitor that I could clip to my pants. It was a huge relief as I spent most of the day in the front yard!

Think through the above situations before deciding to cross baby monitors off your list. Decided you want one after all? Great! Here are some shopping tips! 🙂

Baby Monitor Shopping Tips

If you do want a baby monitor, you have lot’s of options! Here’s how to help decide which baby monitor is right for you!

Decide What You Need to Know

Do you just want to hear when baby is making some noise? Audio monitors are for you? Do you need to see baby so you know why she is crying before you hike up two flights of stairs to her room? Would you like a monitor that alerts you to movement? Won’t you like a monitor that let’s you talk to your baby (yes that’s a thing!)? Don’t invest in a monitor that has features you won’t really use, but don’t settle for something that doesn’t give you the information you crave either!

Get Solid Recommendations

Once I have an idea of what I want to purchase, I love to ask friends who are experienced parents for their recommendations. It’s most helpful if their kids are only few months or years older than my own. Getting baby gear recommendations from a mom of a fifteen year old isn’t go to be helpful – so much has changed since then!

Do Your Research

I love checking sites like Consumer Reports and BabyGearLab when it comes to baby gear. They both rate products so you can compare your favorites before you buy. You can also read reviews online before buying. Even if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, it pays to take the time to do this.

After determining your needs, doing a little research, and talking to trust friends, you should have no problem picking the perfect baby monitor!

What type of baby monitor is right for you? Audio? Video? Movement? Let me know in the comments below!

Please share this post with your expecting and new mama friends! 🙂 Bonus points for sharing on social media too! 🙂 

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so many baby monitors

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  1. Lots of great information in this post! We started out with an audio monitor which only told us if baby was awake and crying in the next room. But when I went back to work we got a video monitor so I could look at the baby in real time while I pumped. That was amazing. We got another for his room so I could check on him at night before rushing up there. I love that I can pull the app up on my phone and see what is going on.
    Julie S. recently posted…How to Bring a Meal to a New Mom if you Work Full-Time #GoBootler #Food #adMy Profile

  2. thank you for this. My brother is a single dad and could so use this information for helping him with the new baby. Passing this on to him. thanks again.
    Rebecca Bryant recently posted…Giveaway For 5th Annual Pink BashMy Profile

  3. You make some convincing points. New moms really should register for a baby monitor. I hadn’t considered how helpful they can be for sitters! They aren’t necessarily as cued in to a baby’s needs as Mom would be.
    Jamie @ Medium Sized Family recently posted…2 Week Meal Plan for Early OctoberMy Profile

  4. These are all great tips! It can be so overwhelming to know which one to buy with so many options.
    Emily recently posted…How to decorate with nature inspired elementsMy Profile

  5. What a great buying guide for new mommas deciding on what type of baby monitor to buy! Once I have kids, I will want a sound one for the home and a wifi capable video one for when I leave the home.
    April Hammond recently posted…Magical Monday Blog Hop #8My Profile

  6. Great tips. I would have loved to have these when I had my little babies.

  7. This is such a great guide and would definitely come in handy for new mamas!
    Kim Lee recently posted…Easy Chicken Fajita Burrito BowlsMy Profile

  8. Thank you so much for you post…Its been five years since my last baby and I’m not sure if we will have one more. If we do have one more I’m not sure if a baby monitor will be necessary in our house. My first baby who is almost 14 is the only one who had a baby monitor, that was never used mind you. However, I liked how you gave examples how it was helpful. Keep up the great work mommy!

  9. I wish this post were around when my kids were babies! It took a bit for me to find a monitor I liked.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s Okay!My Profile

  10. I just don’t think I would have piece of mind without a good baby monitor. Great info.

  11. Bittersweet read for those without kids yet – excited and scared lol. Saving for future AND sharing with friends with one on the way

  12. Great tips! In our first house (when our daughter was a baby) we couldn’t get any baby monitors to work, all they did was pick up next doors conversations! We had better luck with our son though, and was kindly gifted an amazing baby monitor. I had so much more piece of mind the second time 🙂


  13. We used a basic (and cheap) monitor with our first. It broke and we never replaced it. Baby 2 is still in our room and when she sleeps in the day kid 1 does a great job keeping my husband and I up-to-date on everything she’s doing 😉 I’m sure we’ll end up with another basic model sooner or later

  14. So much information!!! I never knew so much thought went into picking a baby monitor! Pinning this!!!

  15. I wish I had this baby monitor when my son was still a baby.

  16. I only ever needed audio, but in today’s day and age, I’d probably go with the whole shebang of options. Why not?!
    Liz Mays recently posted…I Fought the PajamaJeans, and the PajamaJeans WonMy Profile

  17. Baby monitors are convenient to have if you’re the only one managing your household and you think you need extra eyes to watch over your baby or babies. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but it would be nice to test it out first and go on a week without it instead of spending money on one and realizing that you don’t really need it.

  18. These are some really great things to consider before you buy a baby monitor!
    Jillian recently posted…Beef Bolognese Sloppy JoesMy Profile

  19. Great info for new parents or those with little ones!
    Catherine recently posted…Easy Fresh Tomato Sauce with Tuna and FettuccineMy Profile

  20. Great tips of what to consider! We have a little audio monitor that we have used while traveling and around the house, but have considered a video type. Now I have more ideas to discuss with my husband!

  21. I love this! So much great advice here! We have been baby monitor lovers from day one with all of our kids. Now we have to have camera monitors so we can see of they’re actually napping or playing, or in my son’s case – destroying the walls in his room.
    Samantha @ Momma Wants Java recently posted…Caramel Apple Fall SangriaMy Profile

    • Oh geez! Haha! Yeah I probably actually need that video monitor more now that my boys are a little older! We are well into the wall destroying phase in our house too!

  22. I’ve never tried shopping for a baby monitor. I think it brings a certain convenience to parents espe ially for stay at home moms. But it would always depend on them. It’s not an essential and there are other items that are more important than getting a baby monitor.

  23. I’m just banking on my older siblings who already have kiddos to guide me in the right direction when it comes time to think about this stuff!

  24. I wish they had video monitors way back when my oldest was born.
    Lori Vachon recently posted…Orange You Scared? Halloween CakeMy Profile

  25. Baby monitors have come a long way since I used one. I love how they have now integrated them into an app.
    Michelle De La Cerda recently posted…Chipotle Roasted Sweet PotatoesMy Profile

  26. I have two under two and we have always had the sound only monitors. But I would have loved to have a video monitor!

    • I have only ever had audio monitors too Bre! If there’s ever a baby #3 I might try out a video one just to have that experience!

  27. I always thought that when it came to the right baby monitor it took so much time. You have definitely broken it down perfectly.

  28. Hey Erin! This is a perfectly timed post for me… was just talking about monitors with my sister today – and trying to decide if I need to invest in a video monitor or not… I think I’ll be like you described… NEVER sleeping, just staring at it. I don’t know if that would be ideal lol. So much to think about. Thanks for linking up at Share the Wealth Sunday!

  29. Good point about having a monitor that has the range to go outside. Wish I had bought one that did that so I could step into the backyard without worry.
    Melissa Ruddy recently posted…The Week I Went NumbMy Profile

  30. Very informative. Thank you

  31. It has been 25 years since we had a baby in the family so I had no idea how far baby monitors have come! I was so shocked to see all the features and even the remote monitor that my sis could carry around with her. Now that she is on baby number 2, I’m definitely sharing this with her because she had said she wanted to look into trying a different one. Thank you for this!
    Erin recently posted…Chalk Paint Distressed Dresser – Reclaimed DIY ProjectMy Profile

  32. I really love this tips and really sounds amazing.

  33. Such a helpful post!! I am currently in the market for a baby monitor so this has been super helpful =)
    Leigh | A Day with Fé recently posted…Can Breastfeeding make your Baby Smarter? | The Link Between Breastfeeding and IQMy Profile

  34. Even though our house was smaller I don’t know what I would have done without my baby monitor! It allowed me to sleep when the kids did and woke me up when they did. I had so much more freedom with it. It was a lifesaver. Great list, baby monitors have improved so much in the last 15 years, they are truly amazing!
    Nikki Frank-Hamilton recently posted…Social Media Blast – Twitter Week – How Tweet It Is!My Profile

  35. What a great, helpful post. I for one love my video baby monitor. It’s easily the best thing we have ever bought – we swear by it. Not only at night time but when our toddler is playing in the bedroom we can keep an eye on her. Technology is a wonderful thing. I can totally relate to the sleeplessness with babies incase you miss there calls – I used to find it hard to settle because I was constantly waiting for a cry out haha! #ThatFridayBlogHop

    • So smart to use a video monitor to keep an eye on the toddler! I know for a fact they can get into all kinds of trouble when not watched, lol! 🙂

  36. I’m way pass this stage, but it is great information to share with many friends that have babies! Thanks for sharing!

    Joyful Savings recently posted: Simple Ways To Ease Your Work In The Kitchen

  37. Thanks for this! I love the video monitor we’ve got, it’s great for watching them like you said – even when they’re awake! Ours has got movement sensor on as well, looking back I wish we hadn’t bothered with that as we’ve never used it and it’s confusing! Just about to get one for grandparents – think I might have to go for a lights one for the harder hearing! #brilliantblogposts
    Devon Mama recently posted…Baby Loss Awareness WeekMy Profile

  38. We lucked out and were given a monitor from a friend who’d used it for all her babies. Besides saving money, we quickly found that it wasn’t something we really needed, so we were able to pass it along to another new family! So glad you joined us at #FridayFrivolity this week!
    Lisa/Syncopated Mama recently posted…31 Games – Hoot Owl Hoot!My Profile

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