On Needing To Hit The Reset Button

hit the reset button

My jaw is tense, my shoulders tight. I may have started grinding my teeth in my sleep again (something I first picked up during wedding planning). A dull headache has been my constant companion for several days. My stomach swells and aches from stress eating…

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7 Things I Wish For More Of In 2017

wishes for 2017

Does anyone else begin feeling reflective in November? Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the United States and we’re reminded to be thankful. The hustle and the bustle of the holiday season has us spending precious time with loved ones and before we know…

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Mad at Dad | Grief, Anger, and Losing a Parent

grief, anger, losing a parent

Today is my dad’s birthday. He traveled a lot for work – all over the world – from Trinidad and California to China and Venezuela. If my dad was home on September 14th I would always call him to wish him a happy birthday. His response to my enthusiastic “Happy birthday!”…

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