How To Be A Rockstar At Your First 10K Race!


I did something crazy! I registered for a 10K race on October 15th! Eeek! I decided to put all of my hard work in the gym to good use and run a 10K that will benefit a local hospice organization. This group took care of  my dad when he was dying from lung cancer, so that adds an extra level of motivation as I approach the race.

Have you ever run a 10K? I have never run a race this long (only a few 5K’s), so I asked all of my best running friends for their advice. Here’s how to train to be a rockstar at your first 10K!

train for first 10K

How to Be a Rockstar at Your First 10K Race!

Start With a Plan

As soon as you know you want to run a race, get yourself a good training plan! Hal Higdon training plans came highly recommended from all of my running friends. I am currently following his 8 week Novice 10K plan, modified slightly because I didn’t give myself a full 8 weeks to train (oops!).

Don’t Overdo It!

I was worried about running the full 10K distance as many times as possible before race day. Not necessary! And if I did do that, my poor legs would eventually be totally worn out! As one of my wise running friends said, “Don’t worry about running 6 miles to prepare. People who run marathons don’t run 26 miles at a time in training.” If you have a plan (see above) this won’t be a problem!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Can we all agree that drinking water is important for our general health and wellness? Whether you are novice or seasoned, drinking water is super important for runners too. Make sure you properly hydrate, especially in the days leading up to your first 10K race. Just also be careful to not over-hydrate.

Fuel Your Body

Seriously consider if you will need food at some point during your race. One of my best running friends says she typically needs some fuel around mile 3 of a 10K. Sports gels, like these best sellers available on amazon, are what was recommended to me.

Get On the Road

You know I’m a gym girl and because of that most of my running is done on a treadmill. To train for my first 10K I need to get outside and run on the road! One of my running role models reminded me that road running is different from the treadmill and harder to pace (since the treadmill paces for you). Road, track, or trail, try to run in an environment that will be similar to your upcoming race course.

Now is Not the Time for New!

All of my running friends warned me not to try ANYTHING new on race day! No new running gear, no new clothes, no foods or drinks you don’t usually consume! You don’t want to be halfway through your race and start experiencing chafing, a stomach ache or worse!

Set a Goal

Goals can be so motivating! My goal for my first 10K is just to finish! 🙂 I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Maybe you have a bigger goal in mind? Do you want to keep a certain pace? Or finish in a certain time? Set a goal! My friend Nicole even used the SMART method of goal setting to run a 10K!

Use Yoga as a Tool

You can use yoga as a tool to support your running. I am doing this yoga for runner’s video on my rest days. It’s mostly stretching, focuses on the muscles used most by runners, and really relieves a lot of my tightness. Yoga with Adriene also has a runner’s cool down and runner’s warm up you can try!

Get Your Mind Right

I recently started reading an awesome book about running: “The Inner Runner: Running to a More Successful, Creative and Confident You.” It’s so motivating and inspiring! Running is a really mental game. Your mind wants to quit long before your body, so training your brain is important too! Reading a great book is just one option. You might also consider positive affirmations, uplifting podcasts, or meditation. Do whatever works for you to get your mind into a positive, confident place before race day!

And Above All Else …

HAVE FUN! 🙂 Rock your first 10K, and enjoy yourself in the process! You’ve got this! 🙂

Have you run a 10K race?

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train for your first 10K

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  1. I’m still in the 5K category but this isa great list for any runner. Maybe one day I will get there!
    Ashley @irishred02 recently posted…Storks Movie ReviewMy Profile

  2. Good work and what a great idea to run a race to help benefit such a great organization! Just by reading all of your tips I feel like getting up now to go take a run!

  3. Awesome! Good luck to you! This is on my goal list.
    Melanie recently posted…Comment on Bear Cold Pack Buddy by RobinMy Profile

  4. Good tips. My kids just ran their first 5K. It’s only a matter of time before they’re nudging up to the 10K!

  5. These are amazing tips! I admit I’m afraid of a 10k, but feel more interested and encouraged with your recommendations. Love the idea of taking advantage of yoga to help out and especially staying away from anything new!

    • I’m actually really scared too Lynlee! I think I will be so proud when it’s all said and done though! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  6. I have not ran a race in some time. These are great suggestions I will share with my running friends.
    maria @closetohome recently posted…Dos and Don’ts for Hanging Holiday DecorationsMy Profile

  7. This is so awesome that you are doing this, good luck!
    Emily recently posted…The Creative gallery link party #199My Profile

  8. Love these tips! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Kim Lee recently posted…Healthy Chicken and Mashed Potato WafflesMy Profile

  9. Honestly, if you see me running you better run because something is chasing me!! LOL!! I have never ran in a 10K race before but we have looked into training so we could. Thanks for sharing!
    Heather Lawrence recently posted…Bible Study times two!!My Profile

    • LOL Heather! Your comment made my day, haha! 🙂 We actually have a zombie themed 5K in our area, but there’s no way I’d ever sign up for it! 🙂

  10. Great tips! I haven’t run in over 3 years (baby followed by injury). This makes me want to get back into it.
    Stephanie recently posted…Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments: 9/25-10/2My Profile

  11. I’ve never actually run any kind of race, but I have run these distances. Maybe one day I’ll register for a race. Right now were are in walking mode only. But we’re at about 4 miles every day. Not bad. These are great tips you’ve offered here. Thanks so much for these.

  12. Awesome tips! Honestly I haven’t run in a race like forever. but I know that my cousins are very active runners. Interesting post!

  13. These are such great tips! I am not a runner but my daughter is. I’m sending the link to her. 🙂
    marye@RestlessChipotle recently posted…Breakfast Casserole with Bacon and a Bourbon DrizzleMy Profile

  14. Wow! I haven’t run a mile since college. Bad knees. I am trying to do weight training. Good luck on your marathon.
    Keikilani recently posted…Get your kids laughing with a Smile Jar and Goldfish CrackersMy Profile

  15. Great tips! I’m still working my way back to a 5k!

  16. These are such wonderful tips! I’d love to try running 10K one day!

  17. These are great tips! I’ve never ran a 10k race before but would like to do a charity race sometime soon.

  18. This is a great collection of tips. My husband is actually training for something like this. either a 10K or a half marathon. I don’t really know haha. he’s running crazy amounts regularly.

  19. Giving yourself time to practice is good, it gives your body the idea of how long you’re going to have to run for the actual race. These are great tips, especially the one about staying hydrated. Water is very important.

  20. I have not run a 10k. In fact, i have not run any race. I appreciate the work that goes into it for those who do though. 🙂

  21. No I’ve never ran in a 10k race before but would like to in the future. You listed some great tips. Especially the one that many people ignore which is drink a lot of water. That was my huge mistake when I entered my first 5k race when I was 18. Great point when you stated to use yoga as a tool to support your running. Yoga stretches does relief a lot of tightness/tension in the muscles.

  22. Goals are so very important! I’m trying to walk regularly and set some achievable goals to help me stay on track.
    Lori Vachon recently posted…How to Help Dogs in Need During OctoberMy Profile

  23. I’ve never ran a race. I don’t run at all. In fact my motto is “even if you chase me, I won’t run! I’ll just hide.” Good for you for giving it your all!

  24. I’ve never participated in races before and it would be a nice experience for sure. I think these are awesome tips and it will definitely help anyone get ready!

  25. Amazing tips, Erin! I’m so proud of you! Good luck! One of these days I’d love to run a race, but I think I’ll need to start with a 5k. 🙂
    Samantha @ Momma Wants Java recently posted…2016 Goals Update: The Third QuarterMy Profile

  26. i’ve done a ton of 5k races. i think i’m going to move up and try a 10k before the year is ut.

  27. You’re a rockstar simply for running 10K race! I can’t even imagine that distance. I do find it easier to run long distances at my own pace than sprints, but considering how lazy I am I’d need 10 years to even start thinking of something like this…

  28. Such great, practical tips. I did a 10K, but it had obstacles. I couldn’t run much of it at all. I need to get back to conditioning so I can do another!

  29. I’ve run a 10K but not in a race that’s on my bucketlist Awesome tips.

  30. What a great list of tips to prepare for a 10 K. I have been slowly building my steps and this might be the next steps for me!
    Kerri recently posted…Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales NEW TEASER TRAILER! #APiratesDeathForMe #PiratesOfTheCaribbeanMy Profile

  31. I’m not sure a 10K will ever be in my future since I hurt my Achilles. However, I’d like to get to the point where I can walk a 5K!
    LIz Mays recently posted…Things to Do in Banner Elk, NC… Outdoors!My Profile

  32. Like someone else commented, my cousins are runners so I will share this with them as it means very little to me personally as I am too lazy. 🙂

  33. Thanks for sharing! The 10k is my favorite race. Good things to remember!

  34. I’ve never run a 10k or a 5k for that matter, but you inspire me!

  35. I have trouble running a mile, haha! But maybe someday I’ll work my way up to a 10k. These are some great tips!

  36. A 10K sounds like a big deal. I agree with running on the road. When I ran my first 5K I was used to the treadmill but on the streets during the race I totally got my butt kicked!

  37. These are great tips on getting ready for a run. My daughter would love to read this. Thanks for posting!
    Catherine recently posted…Classic Lemon Pound CakeMy Profile

  38. Wow, these are amazing tips! Running is fun and very beneficial. We will apply these tips.

  39. What great tips! 10k is amazing! One day, one day.

  40. I’d love to do a 10K one day. I’ll use all of these tips thanks for sharing! I really like how long a 5K takes me.

  41. I’ve run some 5K’s but it’s been awhile. If I ever work up the nerve to try a 10K, I’ll definitely have to come back to this 🙂
    Lisa J O’Driscoll recently posted…13 Frightfully Fun Halloween CocktailsMy Profile

  42. Super job! I used to run XC in high school and was always last, but never missed a meet or a practice.

  43. there is no run left in me but so happy that others can still do it. I do walk fast but never ever run
    come see us at

  44. I am not much of a runner. I’ve tried it a time or two, but it doesn’t work well for me! I prefer indoor exercise videos.

    Good luck! Hope you have an awesome time!
    Jamie @ Medium Sized Family recently posted…5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 52My Profile

  45. Good luck with your race! I’m thinking of starting up my training again once I get over my latest cold 🙂 Thanks for mentioning my post btw!
    Nicole @ The Professional Mom Project recently posted…5 Strategies for Parenting a Strong Willed ChildMy Profile

  46. Good luck! It’ll be such a rewarding challenge but it’ll be so exilerating when you hit the finish line. You’ve got some really sensible tips here too.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  47. So cool! Good for you! You sure have accomplished some big things this year, and I can’t wait to see how this goes!!! Have a great time, enjoy it and tell us all about it when you’ve finished!
    Nikki Frank-Hamilton recently posted…Social Media Blast – Facebook Week – I “Like” It!My Profile

  48. I think the one that you need the most is the motivation and the goal. If you’ve got that, most of it is covered.

  49. Great advice for anyone who feels like going for a few miles! Meditation’s quite underrated, most people will physically prepare but fail to instill some meaning into it.

  50. I have a hella long way to go before hitting a 10k, but I still appreciate your tips! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing over at Friday Frivolity too.
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Review: Book of EveryoneMy Profile

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