Sad About Wrist Pain? Help Is On The Way Yogis!


I know how discouraging it can be to avoid an activity you love while recovering from illness or injury. It can feel like you are taking a step backwards or losing momentum on your goals. Try to stay positive! If your wrists are sore, I feel your pain (pun intended)! Wrist pain can definitely bring your yoga practice to a screeching halt. But all hope is not lost, and you may be able to do some yoga while recovering from wrist pain.

Yoga Wrist Pain

Sad About Wrist Pain? Help Is On The Way Yogis!

If you’re resting your wrists for any reason, you can still do some yoga! You just need to think outside the box, and avoid troublesome poses like downward dog, tabletop position and cat/cow that put pressure on the wrists. I’ve collected a list of videos (all free, all available online) for you to try! Don’t hesitate to try other things in the meantime too – like walking, biking, swimming, or maybe tai chi! You will feel better if you’re moving your body, even if it’s not your first choice of movement. Use your best judgement when it comes to to what your body can handle, and know when to seek help from a professional!

My Wrist Pain

I’m not a doctor and this post should not be taken as medical advice! I knew that seeking help from a professional was the right choice for me. Please consult a doctor if you need to.

I experienced wrist pain for the first time after my first baby was born. I was diagnosed with De Quervain’s tenosynovitis (sometimes called “mother’s wrist” or “mother’s thumb”) by my regular doctor. Things got better with a little rest, a stabilizing wrist brace and some ibuprofen. A few years later, the pain came back again, and again. Flaring up often, even after rest. Unfortunately, the pain keeps me from doing a lot of things I love like lifting weights, and of course, yoga! 🙁

Some of my symptoms point to carpel tunnel syndrome, and I have scheduled an appointment with a specialist to get some answers and help! I couldn’t get in to be seen right away, so while waiting I have been wearing this special copper-infused compression sleeve. It has helped a lot!

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Yoga Videos For When You Have Wrist Pain

Here are some great, totally free, online videos you can use while recovering from wrist pain! Enjoy! 🙂

Hands Free Yoga by Fightmaster Yoga

This 27 minute video is yoga for all levels that doesn’t put any pressure on the hands or arms.

Quick Stress Fix – 5 Minute Sequence by Yoga with Adriene

One of my favorite short Yoga with Adriene videos. All done standing, so wrists are safe!

Wrist Free Vinyasa Yoga Flow from

A nice 16 minute Vinyasa flow for anyone with sensitive wrists.

Yoga at Your Desk by Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with the support of a chair. Great for anyone recovering, or to sneak some yoga in at work! A short 6 minute video.

Yoga for When You’re Sore by Yoga with Adriene

An awesome 17 minute sequence for when you are feeling tight or sore (maybe from an awesome workout!). Bonus – it’s all hands-free!

Yoga for Wrist Pain by Yoga with Adriene

This is an incredibly educational video that will teach you so much about the wrists and their proper alignment during yoga. 22 minutes long and much more challenging than I initially expected.

Yoga for Healthy Wrists by Yoga with Adriene

A quick little video that tends to the health of your wrists – can be repeated daily!

Yoga And Wrist Pain

For more information on yoga and wrist pain, check out these articles. And remember to seek help if you need it!

Healing (And Preventing) Wrist Injuries by Yoga International

How To Prevent Yoga Wrist Pain by DoYouYoga

Keep The Pain Away: Wrist Compression And Yoga by Gaia

Have you dealt with wrist pain?

Yoga Wrist Pain

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  1. Nice to hear that that copper compression sleeve is working! Just like Brett Farve!

  2. Great videos. I never come across wrist pain, but I am keeping this information. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear your wrists were bothering you… hoping you’re doing well now!! *hugs*
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  4. Yoga with Adriene is my go to youtube channel for yoga, glad to see there are more options when I have wrist pain. As a business attorney, I don’t have a lot of time to recover. Hopefully the copper compression sleeve works for you!

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