How Rich Are Your Habits?

how rich are your habits?

Our lives our filled with habits Do you pay much attention to your habits? The little things that you do daily? The habitual ways you spend your time? I hadn’t given my habits much thought lately, until a particular episode of the His and Her Money…

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March Update | Financially Fit 2016

march update financially fit 2016

Hi and welcome! 🙂 This is the third monthly update to my plan to get Financially Fit in 2016! Today I’m sharing the progress I made financially in March. While my journey to get out of debt is not perfect, I hope by being open about it I will inspire…

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My January Yogi Wishlist

january yogi wishlist

Happy New Year Friends! I hope 2016 is off to a wonderful start for you! For me, January has always been a time of reflection, organization, de-cluttering, and goal setting. After the hustle and bustle, and financial pressure of the holiday season, let’s keep the January yogi wishlist…

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16 Books To Read in 2016!

16 books to read in 2016

16 Books to Read in 2016! 2016 is here! Happy New Year! Reading more is on my list of goals for 2016. As a mom of two little ones, I don’t always find (or is it make?) time for reading so I’m not going to…

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