7 Things I Wish For More Of In 2017

wishes for 2017

Does anyone else begin feeling reflective in November? Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the United States and we’re reminded to be thankful. The hustle and the bustle of the holiday season has us spending precious time with loved ones and before we know…

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What Depression Feels Like

what depression feels like

What does depression feel like? Do you know? Or have you wondered? Depression feels like walking through a thick fog. Completely unaware of your to-do list – what you should be doing, where you should be. Everything is blurred around the edges and it’s hard…

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Cosmic Kids Yoga Review

cosmic kids yoga review

Looking for a fun way to introduce yoga to your kids? Searching for ways to keep your kids active this winter when it’s too cold to go outside? Cosmic Kids Yoga might be just what you need – let me tell you all about it! 🙂…

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