December Update | Financially Fit 2016

financially fit 2016 December update

Wow – December 2016. I can’t believe it is here (and practically over!). I have been consistent all year long in updating my financial progress. Reporting every month not just on my debt and savings totals, but on my wins, losses, successes and failures. I hope…

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Consignment Selling Success Tips!

consignment selling success tips

If you’ve been following my financial journey, you may have noticed that I have been making extra money by selling stuff at consignment shops. In both my January and February financial updates I shared that I had money from consignment sales to send to my…

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Frugal vs. Austere

frugal vs. austere

Walking The Fine Line Between Frugality And Austerity Every year as the New Year rolls around, the news media are rife with bleak stories about millions of families being forced to cut back on essentials such as heating and clothing in order to pay their rent…

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5 Ways I Wasted Money Last Month!

ways I wasted money

With my huge goals for getting financially fit in 2016, I’m trying to save (and earn) money in every possible way. I’m doing pretty well so far! But nobody is perfect (especially not me!) and mistakes are already being made on my financial journey. Mistakes…

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