7 Things I Wish For More Of In 2017

wishes for 2017

Does anyone else begin feeling reflective in November? Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the United States and we’re reminded to be thankful. The hustle and the bustle of the holiday season has us spending precious time with loved ones and before we know…

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April Update | Financially Fit 2016

april update financially fit 2016

Hello friends and new readers! 🙂 Welcome to number four in my series of monthly updates to a Financially Fit 2016! Today I’m sharing the progress I made with savings and debt pay off in April. While my journey to get out of debt is not perfect, I hope by…

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What’s Your Money Story? Part I

what's your money story?

In the world of personal finance, people (especially those of us who are half of a couple) seem to get divided into two basic categories: Spender or Saver. Nerd or Free Spirit. Right or Wrong. There’s no wiggle room, no personality, no life history. I believe that our relationships with…

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