Wallapop App Review & Online Selling Tips


Have you tried the wallapop app yet?

It’s one of many buying and  selling apps, on a long list that includes Close 5, Varage Sale, and more popping up every day.

wallapop app review

I found out about wallapop from my mom, which is a little funny because she’s not usually on the cutting edge of apps and technology (love you mom!). She lives about fifteen minutes away from me and listed a few baby items I had given her. Within a week or so she made her first sale.

I wasn’t planning on using wallapop, because our area has a big mom and baby consignment sale I wanted to participate in .But after both babies and me came down with a cold, we missed the sale, and I was left with a pretty big pile of baby items and maternity clothes.

Ready to offload my old stuff and make a little cash, I finally downloaded wallapop this week! It’s free in the app store (and is also available for Android – I checked to make sure!). Sign up was easy because I decided to just link it to my Facebook account. There are other options for setting up your account if you don’t want to go that route.

I was not expecting much action at first, because when I created my account the wallapop app let me know I was an “early bird.” That just means that I am one of the first in my town to use the app. If a lot of people aren’t using it, there won’t be as many buyers and it will be difficult to make any money.

Wallapop gives you a lot of options for spreading the word about the app – through inviting your email contacts and friends on social media. You also have the option of sharing all of your activity (like posting a new item for sale) on social media or via email (which I didn’t do, because that can get annoying).

But it only took 24 hours after posting some maternity and baby clothes before I got my first wallapop message from an interested buyer! I made $21 on my first sale, and got rid of some maternity clothes that were taking up space in the garage.

I found the wallapop app super easy to use! I have sold lot’s of things in the past via eBay, Craigslist and Facebook local groups, but wallapop was easier and more fun to use. Everything happens within the app itself. Taking pictures, creating listings, and chatting with potential buyers.

All in one place – I love that! No need to confirm listings via a link in an email or having to exchange cell phone numbers with a potential buyer so you can work out meeting details.

If you’ve got some stuff to get rid of – try wallapop!

Here are a few tips for selling success:

Write good descriptions of your items – include brand name, size, color, special features, and condition of the item (gently used, excellent, brand new, etc.), and anything else that might be applicable. This will save you from having to answer a lot of questions if you leave that information out.

Also take the time to take the best possible pictures of your items. Many of the for sale items on the app included poor quality pictures. Don’t take pictures in the dark or poorly lit area. Natural sunlight is best. Lay things out nicely, smooth out wrinkles, and clear clutter out of the picture. An item displayed on an unmade bed in a messy room is not appealing to a potential buyer.

Keep flexibility in mind when pricing items. Some people will want to bargain with you, or will want a discount for multiple items. Also, don’t price items unrealistically high.

Let me know if you try and like wallapop! This is the perfect time of year to get rid of some clutter before the holidays hit! 🙂

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  1. So it isn’t just for baby stuff, right, it is a virtual garage sale app?
    Julie S recently posted…Babywearing for BeginnersMy Profile

    • Yes, exactly! It’s for everything! It would see if it’s popular in your area. I have sold baby stuff, clothes, books, a TV and craft supplies through it. I have even seen people list cars and motorcycles!

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