Why I TRY to wake up early every day – & Why I think you should too!


Rise and Shine!

Want to have a better day? Wake up early! Full disclaimer – I fail at this often, but I have a really good excuse. Okay, two excuses. One is almost 2 and a half years old and one is 7 months old!

A quick google search leads you to plenty of articles about successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs who rise early to take on the day. However, my initial motivation for waking up early was to wake up before my two kids. This might seem counterintuitive and a little crazy – I have an infant and a toddler, shouldn’t I sleep every second that I can?

Picture these two very different scenarios:

Morning A: Wake up to the sound of not one, but two babies crying for mama, stumble out of bed, fumble on nightstand to find glasses, stub toe on baby swing and flip a coin to decide which child to go to first. Start day by changing not one, but two poopy diapers, nursing the baby, getting spit up on, searching for the toddler’s favorite episode of Paw Patrol on the DVR (did I delete it?), and preparing elaborate toddler breakfast (yogurt, banana, peanut butter triangles). Wonder when you will have time to pee (with the toddler watching), make a cup of coffee (while balancing a baby on your hip) and catch your breath.

Morning B: Wake up to a quiet house. Pee alone. Hit the mat and do a little yoga in the living room. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Plan out your day. Greet your babies with a smile when they wake.

It makes a world of difference when I experience option B! I can drink my coffee and eat my breakfast with both hands! I can start a load of laundry, exercise, read a book, or enjoy a little social media time. I am happier and more relaxed for the rest of the day.

I do have one caveat since my youngest does not yet sleep through the night. Trust me, your mood and productivity will not benefit from waking up early if you are not getting a good night’s sleep. So I give myself permission to listen to my body and sleep in when I need to, go to bed early, or to nap later in the day when the kids are napping. But most of the time, even after a rough night up with the baby, I feel better when I have had an early start to my day.

One of my favorite bloggers, Money Saving Mom, does a great job of talking about waking up before the rest of your family. Please give it a try and see for yourself! Even 10 minutes to yourself in the morning can make a world of difference!

What time did you wake up today?

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  1. Great advice! I agree I try to do option B everday but if I’m tired I sleep in.

  2. That is a really gopd tip especioally to those new to the
    blogosphere. Brief but very accurate information… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read post!
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