Whether you are a seasoned yogi, or just interested in trying yoga for the first time, I hope you find something you enjoy here!

Yoga Posts

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Bad Knees? You Can Still Try Yoga!

Get Ready to RISE

Yo-cabulary Lesson #1 – Kula, Drishti, Namaste

Yo-cabulary Lesson #2 – Chakra, Mantra, Asana

Yo-cabulary Lesson #3 – Savasana, Uttanasana, Pranayama

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November 2015 Yogi Wishlist

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Cosmic Kids Yoga Review

Think You Don’t Have Time for Yoga? Think a Little Deeper!

Did You Know? Yoga is Good for Your Heart!

Yoga Resources

Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube Channel (aka the yoga I talk about most!)

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